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Bespoke Stillages

Bespoke Stillages - Stillage Company

JS Burgess are one of the largest bespoke stillage design and manufacturing companies in the UK. We make hundreds of different types of stillages for a wide variety of uses across the entire range of industry sectors, and for companies situated all over the UK and Europe. All production is carried out at our UK-based factory, utilising commercial quality steel which is worked by a large team of fully qualified and experienced welders.

Bespoke Stillages - JS Burgess

Bespoke Stillages

Some of the more common forms of stillage we produce are shown on this website. However, we have specialist experience in designing and building bespoke stillage solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients – rather than trying to implement an ‘off the shelf’ package which may not produce the best, or even the desired, effects.

We have our own internal CAD facility, as well as a number of other in-house design resources. This allows us to take our clients’ needs and apply our expertise to propose a practical solution through creating a stillage which will solve your unique problem.

In the past, we have had clients who have saved enough money on additional product transportation, improved use of storage space and a reduction in goods lost through damage so that the cost of a bespoke design has paid for itself many times over. In addition, once we have completed a design for a specific piece of your production process, we keep that design on file indefinitely so that if you require additional units, the cost of design is not repeated.

With all our products – whether they are bespoke stillages for a wide range of miscellaneous applications, or a standardised size and specification – we are able to offer a variety of finishes including industrial electrostatic one coat paint, galvanizing and powder coating.

Finally, if you already have bespoke designs for a your stillages, we are normally able to work with these as is, or we can take those designs as a starting point and improve them to provide an even better outcome for you.


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