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Metal Stillage Bins and Cages

Metal Stillages Bins and Cages

We are well known for building well engineered and sturdy metal bin and cage products designed and manufactured to the highest specification in our own UK based factory. We use only the best commercial quality steel which is worked by our own team of experienced and qualified welders. All our products are engineered to last!

We are able to produce a full range of metal stillage bins and cages, which can be used across a range of sectors including agriculture, automotive, transport and logistics for instance. This includes designing and producing irregularly shaped or sized products. Our workshop is equipped with full welding and metal working facilities, as well as high-specification design technology including CAD ability. In addition, we can also carry out custom or bespoke design for materials handling equipment – for instance glass handling or storage solutions.

Miscellaneous stillages, bins and cages cover a wide range of potential uses and materials – although metal is the one we use most commonly. At JS Burgess we appreciate that often an ‘off-the-shelf’ stillage or cage isn’t designed for the specific role required, or does not have the specification necessary for a particular application (such as galvanisation for instance).

Whilst we have tried to provide a good overview of the types of product we can design and build, the information on this website is not exhaustive. If you have a requirement for any form of standard, bespoke or miscellaneous metal stillage bins or cages, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs.


Call us: 01663 719 300

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