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Industrial Recycling Bins


Sourcing good quality Industrial recycling bins & cages is increasingly important for companies operating within most sectors as sustainability and the proper disposal of waste become increasingly important. At JS Burgess, we recognise this need and have become well known for designing well engineered and sturdy recycling bins, containers and cage products, all manufactured to the highest specification.

We are able to schedule into production large volume production runs and if required have the capacity to meet our customers tight deadlines. As well as being able to supply product with a variety of finishes including industrial one coat electrostatic paint finish, powder-coating and galvanized, we can also including other specifications such as lids, gates, wheels & castors, stacking locators, card holders etc. In addition, we have the resource and expertise to whilst completing large production runs being able to maintain safe version control ensuring a uniform specification for each and every product from the first to last we manufacture.

All our products are manufactured within our own workshops based at our own UK headquarters. We find this allows us to ensure that everything we provide to our clients meets with our own internal standards, as well as the stringent requirements laid down by our external quality ISO assessors. We use only the best commercial quality steel which is worked by qualified welders.

The information on this website is not exhaustive, so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or a specific requirement. We have many years of experience in our industry and are more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance, as well as to design a bespoke solution to suit your specific needs.



Call us: 01663 719 300

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