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Parcel Cages


Over the past 25 years, we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of parcel cages to industry which has enabled us to gain a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise which we use to ensure our customers’ requirements are met. We are able to provide parcel cages and trolleys for postal, logistical, or other transportation or storage applications, with a number of features. These include fully securable doors, a varied number of shelves (which may be removable or fixed), additional ‘heavy duty’ support if required, as well as wheels or castors. In addition, we can also produce cages which are mesh-based or constructed from round bar, depending on the application.

We are ISO9001 compliant and are well known for the reliability of our service, our pricing and for the quality of the stillages and other products we manufacture in our UK-based factory.

Taking the time to discuss our clients’ needs is something we see as important and valuable for both ourselves and for you. When we understand the setting in which our products will be used, we can often suggest a more effective alternative or approach which would accomplish the same goals. Additionally, we are regularly asked to produce a range of bespoke stillages – including parcel cages – to suit a particular requirement and all our team have extensive experience working to non-standardised sizing and designs.

There are a number of examples of our work available on this website. However, we can show only a small selection of the products we have designed and manufactured and encourage you to get in touch directly if you would like to discuss your exact requirements. We would also be pleased to re-design or modify any parcel cage, basket or other form of stillage specifically to suit your own requirements, whatever they might be.



Call us: 01663 719 300

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