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Cantilever Racking

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JS Burgess Engineering has been designing, manufacturing and installing heavy duty cantilever racking systems for warehouse use for more than 20 years. Working together with our customers we are able to design the most efficient, effective and long lasting racking and storage systems to suit their requirements. Cantilever racking is ideal for storing items which are long (such as building materials, scaffolding or pipework for instance).

We can offer cantilever racking in a range of specifications, including single and double sided, racking in various sizes and lengths and modifications to the length, position or angle of the arms in order to ensure products are held securely.

All of our cantilever racking (including glass racking and other glass handling equipment) is fabricated in our own UK based factory and designed to the highest specification using only best commercial quality steel. All our products are produced by qualified and experienced welders. We also have an experienced site installation team who are able to work across the UK and, if required, our systems can be certificated and confirmed CE Compliant.

One of the key advantages of cantilever racking is that it can be added to on an on-going basis, and easily repaired or replaced if damaged. This makes it ideal for warehouses which may be expanding in the future, or where products which might be heavy or abrasive as going to be stored. In addition, the cantilever racking we provide can be produced to be particularly heavy duty, and in a range of sizes and specifications.

Some examples of the types of racking we make can be found on this website. However, as we can show only a small selection we encourage you to get in touch with any of your specific requirements, or to discuss a specific project or problem. We can design or modify a system specifically to suit your own requirements – whatever they might be!


Call us: 01663 719 300

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