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With years of industry experience we have designed and manufactured a whole range of trolleys, bogeys and movable frames to satisfy a variety of applications for our customers.

Each trolley we make is designed specifically to suit our customer’s individual requirements and because we take all the factors into consideration when designing a trolley e.g. Application, existing solutions, sizes, SWL & TARE and then by using experienced welders and engineers, only the highest quality mild steel and best quality heavy duty castors the trolleys is built to last. For further longevity trolleys can also be supplied with mesh faced birch core ply bases which is far more durable than far-eastern or marine ply generally used and we take great pride in the quality of our products.

We have the internal capacity to manufacture, manage and schedule large orders in to production at very tight deadlines, and regularly work on projects which require a quick turn-around. To achieve this, we liaise closely with all our customers and believe strongly in forming real and lasting relationships. Often, this means we become increasingly involved in the production process for our clients as time goes on, and develop real partnerships. Some of our longest standing clients have been working with us for more than a decade in order to satisfy their need for affordable, high quality stillages, bins, cages and trolleys.

Some examples of the trolleys & bogeys we have designed and produced can be found on this website – however, we can show only a relatively small selection. If you are looking for something in particular, including bespoke design for a particular project or use, we are able to design or modify any trolley & Bogey specifically to suit your own requirements whatever they might be and would delighted to discuss your requirement in greater depth with you.


Call us: 01663 719 300

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