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We have manufactured thousands of different sized industrial waste bins over the years for a number of leading recycling and waste management companies across a wide variety of industries and with a range of requirements and specifications. Our  industrial waste and recycling bins, alongside all our stillages and other products, are designed to ensure that storage and transportation of materials can be done as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have vast experience of designing and producing waste and recycling bins for use in a number of settings – including producing bespoke products for a specific application or to deal with specific materials for instance.

We are well known for engineering high-quality, sturdy waste bins which are designed to last. All our products are manufactured to the highest specification in our own UK-based factory; we use only the best commercial quality steel which is worked by qualified and experienced welders with years of experience in creating stillages, A-frames, waste bins and specialist recycling bins.

Our waste bins and recycling containers can be designed with a range of features – such as plastic or metal lids, a range of apertures and window openings to allow for materials to be deposited easily, and internal segregation (i.e. for keeping different materials separate within the bin – useful for glass recycling).

We are able to offer a variety of finishes, including industrial electrostatic one coat paint, powder coating and galvanizing across our entire product range, and will work with you in order to understand your exact needs and select the most applicable finish for you.

Some examples of the types of bins and containers we have produced can be found on this website. However, as we have made hundreds of different types for a wide range of clients, we are only able to show a small selection. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can best serve your own specific needs.


Call us: 01663 719 300

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