Stillages – Automotive Product Guide


Automotive Stillages are metal framed packaging solutions which are often used ‘line-side’ in car factories and by tiered suppliers as part of their supply chain. 

JS Burgess Engineering has extensive experience producing Automotive Stillages which have been used for a range of components for customers such as JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), Nissan and Infiniti and blue-chip 3PL companies.

Line Side Automotive Stillage
Example of a Line Side Automotive Stillage

Custom Made Dunnage

One of the most complex parts of Automotive Stillages is the “dunnage”’; these are soft components that are applied onto the Stillage and support and protect the parts from the first tier suppliers to their point of use on the assembly line.

There are innumerable different types of dunnage systems such as textiles, bag systems, euroboxes and custom PU dunnage. JS Burgess’s technical teams work directly with our customers to find the most effective and cost efficient solution and we have in-house designers experienced in automotive packaging solutions and  Solidworks Computer Aided Design software for bespoke solutions.

FEA Automotive Analysis
FEA Simulation and Concept Rendering

The images below show custom foam and rubber brushes which secure automotive parts in place on the Stillage and ensure that no damage occurs on the delicate ‘A-side’ of the part.

Foam Dunnage
Foam Dunnage
Rubber Brush Dunnage
Rubber Brush Dunnage

Tried and Tested Stillages for Exacting Demands

Due to the nature of the automotive industry, line-side packaging and Stillages need to work first time, every time and protect the high surface finishes that the buyers of new vehicles expect.

JS Burgess employs full time fabricators and sample hands for the production of prototypes and approval first offs and make effective use of tube laser components for accuracy and the elimination of sharp edges.

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