Choosing the right glass handling equipment for your business


Efficient and safe glass handling is paramount in the glass industry. Selecting the right equipment for manufacturing, installation, or transportation is vital. As a top UK manufacturer of glass handling equipment, JS Burgess can guide you in making the right choice.

Identifying Your Needs

Determine your specific glass-handling requirements by:

Evaluating the types, sizes, and volume of glass you manage.

Identifying unique challenges you face.

Our team of specialists is here to guide you based on your needs.

Choosing the Right Stillage

Your choice of L-frame or A-frame stillages depends on your glass handling needs and storage or transportation prerequisites.

  • A-frame Stillages: Characterised by their triangular shape, these are ideal for transporting glass panels, reducing the risk of cracks or breaks. Our A-frame stillages are tailored to your usage, dimensions, workload, transportation, and certification needs.
  • L-frame Stillages: Some businesses prefer L-frames due to site-specific rules. These frames allow flat storage against walls or in racking systems.

Safety First

Prioritise safety features like secure grips, load capacity, and safety interlocks. Ensure compliance with safety regulations. At JS Burgess, our crane-able A-frames undergo LOLER inspections, ensuring the highest safety standards and compliance with LOLER legislation.

Load Capacity and Size

Choose equipment that can handle the weight and dimensions of your typical glass products and is adjustable for various sizes.

Mobility Matters

Your equipment should cater to your workspace layout and mobility needs. If you frequently change locations or work at different heights, opt for portable and adjustable equipment.

Why Choose JS Burgess?

As a leading manufacturer, we supply numerous bespoke A-frames and L-frames annually, ensuring expert guidance for your business. We handle complex projects, designing and manufacturing top-quality equipment in our UK factory.

For tailored solutions or advice on glass handling equipment, contact JS Burgess at +44 1663 719 300 or