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JS Burgess Engineering makes tens of thousands of Stillages and other associated products each year.

In-House Design

We offer a fully comprehensive CAD design service that enables us to create bespoke products to suit our customers' needs.

Storage & Transportation

Our team has enormous logistical experience in arranging transport and making sure that our products are delivered to customers on time and as specified.

Customer Support & Project Management

With tried and tested processes and systems, we prove efficiency and service can come with a face and a name, building relationships based on trust.

Repairs & Refurbishments

For existing Customers, JS Burgess is able to offer a comprehensive Stillage repair and refurbishment service.

Wet Paint

JS Burgess Engineering has two fully automated 30ft wet spray shops on-site, enabling us to provide Stillages with an electrostatic industrial one coat paint finish.

Computer Simulation

JS Burgess has the capability to use Solidworks Simulation and CAD to design bespoke stillages in the most cost efficient and timely manner possible.

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