Wet Paint 



IMPORTANT:  the colours shown in this chart have been matched as closely as possible to a wet paint sample however this digital chart cannot serve as a standard for color productions. The colours represented digitally depend and vary on your monitor/device/printer settings and are therefore for indicative purposes and guidance only.

JS Burgess Engineering has two fully automated 30ft wet spray shops on-site, enabling us to provide Stillages with an electrostatic industrial one coat paint finish.

With all our products – whether bespoke Stillages for a wide range of miscellaneous applications or a repeat or standard industry Stillage – we are able to offer a variety of finishes including industrial electrostatic one coat paint, galvanizing and powder coating.

We typically recommend industrial wet spray finishing to our customers as it is significantly more economical than other alternatives such as galvanizing and powder coating. Our comprehensive preparation and cleaning ensures that the Steel has an appropriate finish for industrial environments, ready to resist the elements and Stillage handling.

JS Burgess hold a number of colours in stock and are able to match the closest RAL number as standard. For larger volume orders we are able to match specific branding and aesthetic requirements.

For indicative purposes only, please see some of the most common RAL numbers that we typically hold in stock:

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