JS Burgess are the largest stillage manufacturer in the UK, designing, manufacturing and supplying stillages into many industries such as the Aluminum and Plastic profile, Automotive and Tyre industry, Warehousing and 3PL Logistics, Construction and Gas sectors. 

Our name is synonymous with quality products and excellent service. We can handle large, time-critical projects and complicated briefs. JS Burgess Engineering designs and manufactures all its products in our UK-based factory to ensure high quality, consistency and service.

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What is a Stillage used for

Metal stillages are robust housings used for material storage and transport in industrial and manufacturing settings. Although both are used for storage and transportation, a stillage has some advantages over a pallet. A stillage is a more robust and durable storage solution. It is usually made of steel rather than wood, providing additional support and protection for goods during handling and transportation. Stillages are a better solution for heavy or irregularly shaped items, offering better stability and security.

Made from heavy-duty mild steel, our stillages are designed for safety, durability and space efficiency. They are stackable, can be easily moved using a pallet truck or forklift and can be manufactured to meet the exact load specification provided. With an optional galvanised finish, our metal stillages are perfectly equipped for heavy use in demanding conditions. They are ideal for warehouses, industrial applications, and manufacturing environments moving heavy or bulky items, such as automotive parts, construction materials, or agricultural products. A JS Burgess stillage can reduce the time it takes to load and unload your products and improve operational efficiency and productivity in your factory or warehouse. Check out our stillage guide for more information.

Are Stillages subject to LOLER

LOLER, which stands for the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, is the set of UK regulations for lifting equipment and operations. The regulations primarily focus on ensuring that lifting equipment is safe and properly maintained to prevent accidents and injuries.

Whether stillages are subject to LOLER depends on how they are used. Stillages themselves may not be considered lifting equipment, but if they are used in conjunction with lifting equipment, such as cranes or forklifts, then LOLER regulations may apply. Some key factors to consider are whether the stillage has dedicated lifting points and if it is intended for lifting alone or solely as a platform for other loads. An example:

Stillages as part of the load:

  • In many cases, stillages are simply platforms that become part of the load being lifted. For example, if you’re using a forklift to move a pallet of goods stacked on a stillage, the stillage is considered part of the load and not subject to LOLER.
  • In this scenario, the focus of LOLER would be on the lifting equipment itself (forklift) and the pallet, ensuring they comply with regulations for their capacity and safe operation.

Stillages as lifting accessories:

  • However, if the stillage has fixed lifting points and is specifically designed for lifting purposes, then it would be considered a lifting accessory and subject to LOLER.
  • Examples include stillages with built-in slings or hooks designed for crane lifting. These require thorough examinations and regular inspections as outlined in LOLER regulations.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that lifting equipment is thoroughly examined and maintained in accordance with LOLER requirements. This includes regular inspections, maintenance and testing by competent individuals to verify that the equipment remains safe to use.

Stillages for Sale

We understand the difference a well-constructed stillage can make to efficient storage and transportation for your operations. JS Burgess offer a wide range of top-grade steel stillages to cater for every sector. These can also be customised to meet your requirements. With our team of designers and in-house manufacturing, we can engineer a slight adaptation or a completely bespoke solution.  

There are many variants, some of the most popular being mesh sides, flat sheet panels, or open sides. Mesh-sides allow easy identification of contents, while steel panel-sides are perfect for storing smaller parts. Open metal post pallets and front metal stillages are ideal for box storage, providing clear visibility and easy loading/unloading. Features like castor wheels, collapsible designs, a drop-front or top, removable dividers, or hatch door can also improve material flow. Explore our range today and discover how they can supercharge your business operations:

Stock stillages are available on a 2 day lead time, and JS Burgess offer the shortest lead times in the business. Customised stillages are available in a choice of colours to suit the needs or branding of your business. Please get in touch if you have any questions, require a quotation, or wish to discuss a specific project. We’d be delighted to help.

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