Collapsible Bin Stillages

Transport efficient storage solutions can save companies thousands of pounds over a sustained period of time. JS Burgess Engineering has supplied our customers with bespoke collapsible Stillages, Cages and Bins in a variety of sizes and designs to help our customers reduce transport costs.

Folding Stillage Cage

Collapsible Pallet Cages

Typically sized at 1200 x 1000 x “Your Height” these cages are designed to fit a standard EuroPallet (aka EUR-pallet or EPAL-pallet) and collapse down into a space efficient form factor.

Assembly and dissassembly is easy and uses a number of locking pins. An optional gate side can provide easy access and can be secured using standard catches or shoot bolts such as those used in our range of Automotive Stillages used in the car industry.


Collapsible Pallet Cage

Collapsible Bins & Collapsible Skips

Like all of our collapsible designs, these two or four way collapsible bins can be supplied with mesh or sheet panels. The sheet panels in particular allow the stillage to support large payloads. The large 2mx2m design shown in the image below has a capacity of 2 Tonnes though smaller more lightweight designs are possible if required.

Four Way Collapsible Bins

Non Collapsible Bins

The major advantage of collapsible bins is that they greatly reduce in size to reduce the costs of shipping and storing them. However, if you require a bin that remains in constant use, considering a simpler non collapsible design may be more suitable for your needs.

Non Collapsible Bins

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