Profile Stillages

JS Burgess Engineering Ltd is the largest UK-based manufacturer of profile stillages. Our team has an unrivalled wealth of knowledge in design and manufacturing stillages for a number of applications. We supply tens of thousands of high-quality metal stillages to our customers each year, as our products are the ideal solution for the storage and transportation of a wide range of materials.

Metal stillages, commonly known as steel pallets, are designed to safely carry and support various types of goods, particularly in their loading and transportation. Profile stillages, specifically, are used for handling extruded aluminium or plastic, providing secure support without the risk of damage. The extrusion process shapes these materials, ensuring consistent replication of the die pattern throughout.

Stillages find applications in various industries, such as Aluminium and Plastic, Automotive and Tyre, Warehousing, Building, Gas, and more! They are fantastic for maximising floor space within your premises, helping you to stay organised. If you would like to learn more about stillages and how they can help your business, take a look at our blog here.

Why choose JS Burgess?

With our in-house design team and years of industry experience, our specialist engineers are able to design and manufacture profile stillages to meet every requirement for our customers. Here at JS Burgess Engineering, we’re known for our first-class products and customer service, using only high-grade commercial quality steel.

We also have the capacity to schedule large production runs for more complex projects with tight deadlines. We proudly offer ongoing support, project management, and real-time delivery reporting to guarantee an efficient and satisfying service.

Our profile stillages

As the UK’s biggest stillage manufacturing and design company, we have supplied many high-quality bespoke stillages to our customers over the years. We can design and manufacture a bespoke metal stillage for a wide variety of applications, and have an endless number of designs catering to a range of industries.

Take a look at just some of the profile stillages we can provide below:

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