Stillages – 5 Most Common Types of Stillages


At JS Burgess Engineering Ltd we produce thousands of Stillages every year in our UK factory and specialise in producing a large numbers of Stillages within each production run.

We are aware that despite the fact Stillages are commonly used throughout a huge range of industries, many people within the manufacturing and wider business world are unaware of what stillages are. This makes it particularly difficult for buyers to make an informed decision when it comes to providing detailed specifications, or in comparing different products against each other. 

As such, we’ve produced a brief article outlining the key types of stillages utilising the knowledge and experience our team have garnered over the years. It should be noted that this is just a very brief introduction – there are hundreds of variations and we actually produce bespoke stillages for each of our clients.

1.  Profile Stillages

Profile stillages are most commonly used for handling extruded profile – for instance aluminium extrusion or extruded plastic. We provide a wide range of profile stillages.

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2.  A-frame Stillages

A-frame Stillages are used to bear weight in an economical manner.

Most A-frame’s will have a cross beam between the two legs, which stops the legs from slipping apart and collapsing the structure. Find out about our A-frame style Stillages, here

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3.  Post-Pallet Stillages

Post-pallets are similar to more traditional pallets, apart from the fact that they have posts attached – often at each corner with a square or rectangular pallet.

The use of posts on the pallets allows for them to be stacked, utilising space better than a traditional wooden pallet which may collapse if the product is too heavy for it to bear.

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4. Cages and Bins

Cages and Bins are movable Stillages which can be used to safely move or manoeuvre products around a warehouse or factory.

When designing our Cages and Bins, we take the situation into account – ensuring for instance that the floor and sides are made from material which will be able to stand up to the conditions of use. It is considerations like this which make our products highly durable and long-lasting.

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5. Automotive Stillages

We produce a wide range of automotive stillages, including specialist Vehicle Component Packaging Stillages and Tyre Stillages and.

Automotive stillages vary in their design and application, but they are generally specialised to be used within a specific element in the manufacturing process – for instance transporting wind-screen glass, or moving large numbers of car bumpers around a factory.

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