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Based in our 7-acre Whaley Bridge site in the High Peaks, JS Burgess Engineering is proud to be part of Derbyshire’s manufacturing and engineering prowess. Situated next to the Todbrook Reservoir and the banks of the River Goyt, our UK factory continues to flourish thanks to the relentless drive and steadfast determination of our workforce. We only utilise high grade commercial quality steel, which is worked by our specialist welders and engineers who strive each day to produce the highest quality Stillages. We provide a wide range of Stillages made in the UK – from Profile Stillages to A-frames, Post-pallets, Recycling Bins, Skips and Roll-on-Roll-off Containers –  and specialise in large production runs of high quality, UK-made stillages.
JS Burgess UK Manufacturing Made In Britain
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(1) Our British-made Stillages are often of a higher quality than those made abroad and imported to the UK.

We only utilise high-grade commercial quality steel which is worked by our specialist Welders and Engineers, and will manufacture to an agreed specification and be completely transparent on the materials used.

It is not uncommon for substitute materials to be used which compromises the integrity of the Stillage and reduces the cost for the seller.

For instance, we have seen companies arbitrarily substitute the steel content of 50x50x3 with 50x50x2.5; or reduce the number of welds impacting the strength and longevity of the product. 

We believe our longevity (we’ve been going for more than 25 years!) and our customer base are a great testament to the high quality of the Stillages we produce in our UK-based factory.

(2) Often the true cost of Importing Stillages outweighs the price of buying UK-made Stillages.

Even when inter-stacked, Stillages are typically not efficient to import as the modular construction results in wasted space.

This makes transport costs per Stillage very expensive and often outweighs the initial cost savings of buying products made outside of the UK.

In addition to this, with the combination of the post-Brexit and COVID climate, the UK has endured record import costs  on transportation, port and inspection fees, import duties and the strength of the pound.

(3) We are ISO-9001 accredited.

Due to the degree of control we have in our factory and the proven systems and processes implemented can guarantee both the quality and consistency of our products and services provided.

(4)  Buying British can reduce your carbon footprint.

Cargo shipping is responsible for between 3.5% and 4% of global climate change emissions. Buying stillages from the UK eliminates the need to utilise these large cargo ships and thus reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

(5) We are local!

We are always happy to meet our customers in person to discuss in greater depth how we can supply them.

Often we supply thousands of Stillages and there is therefore a large upfront investment and need to look at the way in which Stillages are used and transported.

Visitors are always welcome to visit our factory in Whaley Bridge and see first-hand the type of operations we run and also the high quality products we manufacture.

There is always a warm welcome, a cup of tea and a sandwich at the very least!

(6) By buying UK-Made Stillages you are supporting a local ecosystem.

All of our team live in the UK, and thus utilising our stillage design and manufacturing services means that you are investing in the UK and supporting the British manufacturing sector.

Our suppliers are UK-based as well. We believe in supporting other UK-businesses as much as we can, and working with local companies in an effort to form real connections and providing the best overall service we possibly can to our own clients.

Enquire about Stillages for your business today.

So, what are you waiting for? You can enquire about Stillages for your business today. Whether it’s a standard offering or a bespoke design, we can help.

We have the ability to handle large time crucial projects and complicated briefs; to ensure such high quality, consistency and service JS Burgess Engineering designs and manufacturers all in our own UK-based factory. Get in touch by calling +44 1663 719 300 or emailing and a member of our experienced team will be in touch.

The information on this website is not exhaustive so please don’t hesitate to call us on 01663 719 300 should you have any questions, require a quotation or wish to discuss a specific project with us. We’d be delighted to help. Or alternatively please fill out the form below and we will respond to you shortly.