What is a Stillage?


As one of the UK’s largest Stillages manufacturers, we have expert knowledge in the area. However, we appreciate that for many people in manufacturing and other industries, Stillages are not part of their day-to-day language and many of them have never heard of them before coming to us to source one on behalf of their organisation. We have created this guide to provide an outline of what a Stillage is, how to choose the right Stillage and how they could help your business. 

What are Stillages?

Stillages are essentially steel pallets or skids that have been designed to safely carry and offer support for different goods. For example, extruded aluminum in the case of Profile Stillages.

There are many different types of Stillages available, most of which have a cage resembling a large metal box thats purpose is to support the contents of the Stillage and stop it from moving around.

UK Stillage Manufacturer Aluminum Profile Extrusion
Example of Aluminium Profile Stillages

How can using Stillages help your business?

Stillages can help your business in many ways. They can be used to reduce the loading and unloading time during transportation to warehouses or end users. In addition, they are often used to transport goods safely and without damage. A good example of this is the glass industry, where A-frame stillages are used to support sheets of glass for transport. The glass is strapped to the A-frame, which leans inward, and can then be transported with less likelihood of the sheets breaking or being cracked. 

Many Stillages utilise a cage or solid sides, and it is common for them to be stackable. This is particularly beneficial if you need to maximize the number of items being transported on each Stillage. Others also have specific types of finish – such as galvanisation to ensure durability, or coasters to allow for easy movement. 

How to choose the right Stillage for your business

When choosing the right Stillage for your business, you need to consider the space you have, what you will be using the Stillage for and what kind of goods you intend to move or store. For example, if you are transporting fragile materials you should consider Steel Pallet cages. But, if it is floor space you are concerned about, you should consider Post-Pallet Stillages because they are easily stacked. 

Why choose JS Burgess?

Here at JS Burgess, we have been manufacturing quality Stillages since 2004 and we now manufacture and supply tens of thousands of stillages each year to a wide number of industry sectors.

Our focus is large production runs of industrial Stillages made from steel, often involving bespoke designs and manufacturing. We regularly work for some of the UK’s largest companies and our experience means we can produce a Stillage for most applications. So, if you require Stillages for your business, we can help. To speak to a member of our expert team, please call us on +44 1663 719 300 or fill out our simple enquiry form.

UK Stillage Manufacturer Glass Handling AFrames
UK Stillage Manufacturer Glass Handling AFrames Transport Flatbed

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