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Tyre Stillages


JS Burgess offer a complete tyre stillage and racking design and manufacture service. We are one of the largest tyre stillage and racking manufacturers in the UK, supplying numerous large customers in the automotive and transport sectors, all of whom would vouch for the reliability of our service, our pricing and the quality of our products.

In the last decade, we have created thousands of tyre stillages for a number of leading car manufactures and tyre distributors. In addition, we have been able to keep up with ever changing wheel sizes and specifications and have been able to redesign a range of bespoke tyre stillages for many of these clients in order to ensure that tyre storage and transportation continues to be as efficient, economic and as effective as possible.

Our tyre stillages have been implemented by brands in a number of different settings – including in-warehouse storage, transportation and long-term storage (i.e. stacking). We are able to offer a variety of finishes to our products, including industrial electrostatic one coat paint, galvanizing and also powder coating.

We are well known within our industry for designing and supplying well engineered and sturdy products manufactured to the highest specification. We have our own UK-based factory, and utilise only the best commercial quality steel which is worked by qualified welders. All our products, including our tyre stillages and racking, are engineered to last.



Call us: 01663 719 300

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