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JS Burgess are one of the largest bespoke stillage design and manufacturing companies in the UK. We make hundreds of different types of stillages for a wide variety of uses across the entire range of industry sectors, and for companies situated all over the UK and Europe. All production is carried out at our UK-based factory, utilising commercial quality steel which is worked by a large team of fully qualified and experienced welders.

With specialist industry and engineering experience we are able to design and build bespoke stillages to satisfy most efficiently all logistic solutions, tailoring the designs to the specific needs of our customers – especially important as in most situations there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions available. We are ISO9001 compliant which helps guarantee the high service levels we are known for.

We have our own internal CAD & design facility, as well as a number of other in-house design resources. This allows us to take our customers’ requirements and by applying our expertise to the bespoke stillage design we provide the best practical solution available.

We have the internal capacity to manufacture, manage and schedule large orders in to production at very tight deadlines, and regularly work on projects which require a quick turn-around. To achieve this, we liaise closely with all our customers and believe strongly in forming real and lasting relationships. Often, this means we become increasingly involved in the production process for our clients as time goes on, and develop real partnerships. Some of our longest standing clients have been working with us for more than a decade in order to satisfy their need for affordable, high quality stillages, bins, cages and trolleys.

With all our products – whether bespoke stillages for a wide range of miscellaneous applications or a repeat order or standard industry stillage – we are able to offer a variety of finishes including industrial electrostatic one coat paint, galvanizing and powder coating.

Finally, if you already have a stillage design which works for you we are happy to manufacture and supply these also.



Call us: 01663 719 300

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